A & B Tutoring Solutions

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 “Teaching Children The Way They Learn”

A & B Tutoring Solutions, located in Jacksonville, NC, specializes in helping children reach their full potential no matter their challenges. 1 in 5 students are struggling with a learning disablity; ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and others and our children are not specifically tested for learning differences in our public school system. If your child is having difficulty reading and writing or math there are specific approaches that are designed to target their challenges with proven success. We use multi-sensory, research-based techniques such as Barton and “Orton-Gillingham” that have been proven successful. We have found when you teach to the senses, not only will your child retain the information long term, they will have fun doing it. We also have computers and iPad games that are designed with these approaches in mind and the resources are available at our facility and for check out.

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